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About RCNS

What We Believe

RCNS is a cooperative, parent-owned preschool in which parents, teachers and children participate together in an exciting and nurturing first-school experience.

Art, music, dance and play fill our classrooms and outdoor spaces with the happy sounds of children learning. Our expert teachers provide tempting and developmentally appropriate opportunities through which each child grows at his or her own pace to a new maturity and sense of self-worth and self-direction.

At our wonderful preschool, parents and professional teachers cooperate to help our children develop an interest and joy in learning about themselves, others and the world around them during these wonderful, formative early education years. By sharing our own time and talents, both in the classroom and in the administrative workings of the school, we parents show our children directly that we believe in the importance of their education. The exciting, varied school experience at RCNS is fun and enriching for children and parents together!